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Cholita Linda

Updated: Aug 5, 2023

Cholita Linda, a well loved staple in the bay area, is highly praised with good reason. With locations in San Francisco, Oakland, and Alameda there is no excuse not to try this vibrant Peruvian hot spot. The Alameda location’s environment closely reflects vibrant, colorful architecture unique to Latin America. The self-seating arrangements allow for a casual meal with views of the surrounding Park Street. Everything was very clean, and the food arrived in a timely fashion. We ordered the Chicharron De Pollo, Baja Fish Taco, and the Pollo Al Pastor Taco. To begin with our personal favorite, the Chicharron De Pollo is an absolute MUST. Not only does it allow for a healthier and leaner alternative to traditional chicharron by using well seasoned and juicy bites of chicken instead of pork, the meal as a whole is exquisite. The addition of perfectly caramelized plantains offsets the bright and tart pickled onion, creating a well balanced and traditional Peruvian meal. The dish also comes with a side salad as well as rice and beans to ensure a filling meal well worth every cent. As for the tacos, as much as we loved the succulent Pollo Al Pastor, we must say the Baja fish taco, the dish they are famous for, is deserving of this claim. Perfectly cooked and lightly battered fish accompanied by the bright South American-influenced flavors in the lightly dressed and crunchy slaw allow for a cohesive explosion of flavor in every bite. To wash this masterpiece down, Cholita Linda offers a customizable Agua Fresca option that guarantees every customer enjoys it. The Agua Fresca flavors include mango, strawberry, lime, and any and every combination you desire. We decided to try a blend of strawberry and lime. The fresh and natural fruit flavor was a perfect pair to this meal. Overall, this experience and Cholita Linda as a whole is 100% SPOCB approved! We urge everyone to come out and support this Latin owned business and have a delicious meal!

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