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Kitchen Story

Kitchen Story, located in Oakland, California provides a modern fusion of Californian and Asian influences. They have two locations, one in San Francisco, and the one in Oakland, which we visited. This blend of flavors creates a contemporary dining experience unlike any other. With a variety of menu options, there is a dish to satisfy anyone’s craving. Having dined in both the outdoor and indoor seating, I can confidently state that both felt comfortable and high quality. The face of the building features a unique structure of hanging plants, demonstrating its dedication to creativity in both their food and atmosphere. The bill is brought out on a used book which is a sustainable way to reuse old paper, and gives Kitchen Story a memorable and special twist on bringing out the check. This approach is not only thrifty but also further contributes to the rustic and cozy environment. We visited Kitchen Story on a Sunday morning at 9:30, 30 minutes after they opened and we were seated easily. However, by 10:00, there was already a line waiting for a table. Street parking in general in Rockridge can be hard to find, but at 9:30 there was some parking available. Most other times parking is very difficult, so if you plan to try Kitchen Story, make sure to come early to look for parking. You may end up parking very far down on College Avenue. Outdoor seating on the street and sidewalk allows for a beautiful view of the heart of Rockridge. As the neighborhood comes alive, the outdoor seating is great to witness the liveliness of Oakland. We ordered the marnier french toast, the lemon ricotta pancakes, and the millionaire's bacon. The marnier french toast was fluffy with a light and bright orange citrus flavor. The maple syrup enhanced the orange flavor, creating a pleasant contrast of both sweet maple and toasty orange flavor in each bite. It came with fresh fruit and a pat of butter, and the serving size could certainly feed more than one. The pancakes were light and fluffy and infused with the lemon flavor, which demonstrated a strong attention to detail as opposed to drizzling a lemon flavor on top. The millionaire’s bacon had a beautiful and thorough glaze which allowed for a sweet taste in each bite with just a subtle kick of spice and infusion of rosemary. The bacon bordered between chewy and crispy, a textural contrast that combined with the thick glaze excited my taste buds. The bacon was not excessively greasy as bacon can be, and I was actually a fan of the fatty part of the bacon with the glaze. Each dish was plated beautifully, highlighting the artistic ability of the chefs. Splitting the bacon, and with each person having their own dish, the bill came out to around $22 for each person which was decently affordable considering the large size of the dishes and overall pricing in the Bay Area. Overall, Kitchen Story in Oakland, California has a wonderful ambiance and delicious dishes, and we encourage everyone to support it.

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