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Wild Ginger

Wild Ginger, located in Alameda, California serves a cuisine unique to China’s Sichuan Province. The food closely reflects street food found in Xi’an, China with lots of numbing spice. The style of cooking varies from your traditional Chinese food and reflects the authenticity to that particular geographical region. Instead of your classic Chinese-American cuisine, the food here transports you straight to the Western regions of China and allows you to broaden your tastebud’s horizons. The menu offered a small selection of choices, such as Biang-Biang noodles (hand-pulled noodles) and dumplings. However what was featured was their malatang dish which translates to “numb spicy heated.” Many dishes had vegetarian options, creating a very inclusive menu. The ordering process was fairly easy with a laminated menu and dry erase marker to indicate our selection. We ordered the fish combo malatang which included a variety of toppings such as rice cake, enoki mushroom, black fungus, lotus root, seaweed, potato, bean curd skin, tofu, and more. The versatile menu allows the customer to choose which noodles and extras they would prefer. We chose the Biang Biang noodles, and a mild spice level for the soup. The seating offers a great view of the kitchen so we were able to watch as the chefs hand pulled the noodles for our malatang. The spices in the soup were very flavourful without muting the other aspects of the dish. We enjoyed the chewiness of the noodles, which made the spice of the soup more tolerable. The fish was well cooked and seasoned, with a succulent and flaky texture. The remaining plethora of toppings contributed to the prominent flavor of the malatang. One of our favorite parts of the dish was the bean curd skin which was fun to tear apart and eat. One bowl was enough to satisfy both of us, for a reasonable price. Overall, the calm environment and delicious malatang was amazing, and we encourage everyone to support Wild Ginger in Alameda, California.

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